What is a “NORC” ?

A NORC is a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community that identifies and provides supportive services or programs that are flexible and responsive to participant needs and preferences, based upon community and client assessments.

Seniors are choosing to remain in their homes and neighborhoods well after retirement. NORC provides a means of allowing seniors to be in control of their lives and remain in their communities as they grow older. Not only are seniors better able to help one another and be more active in shaping their own communities, but studies show they are more connected to what’s happening in the greater community as well.

A NORC program is an innovative community program that coordinates a broad range of social and daily living needs to support the senior residents of a NORC.

A NORC typically is created within a community or development.

On a larger platform the goal of a NORC program is to maximize the “health” of its community. NORC programs are aligned to strengthen the connections older adults have to their communities before crises occur. NORCs are proactive, long-term community partners that are connected to the community in which older people have built their lives.

A NORC program operates through public and private partnerships that work together for the common goal of allowing seniors to age in place. At the core of these partnerships are social services, residents (especially seniors), representatives of neighborhood associations, and so forth. It is through government agencies and philanthropic organizations that funding and resources are acquired.

These core partners connect to many others in the community – typically: local businesses; civic, religious, and cultural institutions; public and private funders; local police; and other public safety agencies. By harnessing these resources for a common interest, a NORC program begins to transform the community into a good place in which to grow old.

The NORC program also promotes community change. It offers new opportunities to:

  • Empower volunteers of all ages to participate in shaping their community
  • Develop a strong social network that promotes communication and friendship among residents
  • Improve the health and well-being of all older adults in the community.


Do I have to live in Wellington to receive services?

Yes! Our neighborhoods include all of Wellington.

What are the ages Wellington Cares serves?

Wellington Cares provides services to community residents as young as 65

How old do I have to be to volunteer my time?

We accept volunteers as young as 16. We offer many opportunities to get involved. It is simple and rewarding. Just complete an application and one our volunteers will contact you.

Do I need to live in Wellington, Florida to volunteer?


What if I need something that you haven’t mentioned?

Just call Wellington Cares at 561-568-8818. We will work with you to find an answer to your question or need. We work with numerous organizations and are skilled at finding new resources.

How much does it cost to receive services?

All our services are free to persons 65+ living in Wellington, Florida.

Why should I volunteer if I am healthy or not in need of services?

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Volunteering is rewarding on many levels. Our program works on banking hours. So you may not need services right now, but you can save your hours for yourself or donate them to someone else. Wellington Cares offers a unique opportunity to connect with others in our neighborhood. Some members join because they need help at home now, and others want the peace of mind knowing they will be prepared for the future.

Can Wellington Cares help in an emergency?

In a medical emergency, call 911 or see your physician. Wellington Cares does not offer medical services. Wellington Cares can offer assistance or address a need on short notice. Wellington Cares can provide many services or help arrange home caregivers, case managers, and patient advocates. We have volunteers who can pick up prescriptions, run an errand, or simply drop in to chat.