Wellington Cares Inc. was founded in 2010 by Kathy Foster when she recognized a growing need in her home town community of Wellington.  Her interest in establishing a “NORC”  (a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) grew from her awareness of declining resources and choices available that allow seniors to stay in their homes when they are experiencing temporary setbacks – such as a minor health issue.  Kathy believes that in most cases the decision of a senior to leave their home is made by circumstances, not by choice.  That’s where Wellington Cares can provide help. Palm Beach County and Wellington offer an array of senior services and Wellington Cares works collaboratively with these programs. Wellington Cares is not duplicating services already in place but rather augmenting services that can make a big difference in the quality of life for a senior.

Wellington Cares Inc. was established in 2010 as a non-profit NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community), because we saw a growing need to assist our 65+ neighbors by improving the quality of their lives in an effort to allow them to make choices and have options they currently may not have. Due to the decline of governmental programs caused by the downturn in the economy and the limited services now available to seniors, those aged 65 and older are and will become increasingly more vulnerable and unable to receive the help and services they so deserve.

It is our belief, that in most cases the decision of a senior to leave their home is made by circumstances, not by choice. Wellington Cares provides assistance to and allows our 65+ neighbors to age in place in the way they choose within the comfort of their own homes. Whether directly through home visits or by phone to assist with daily needs, the primary goal of Wellington Cares is to minimize the feelings of isolation and loneliness so commonly expressed by our participants.


Wellington Cares is a 501(c) (3) community-based, not-for-profit organization committed to coordinating volunteers of all ages to assist, in a time exchange format, in enabling persons over the age of 65 to remain in their home with the support of the Wellington community residents and local organizations.

Wellington Cares is committed to responding to our dynamic community and to the various needs of our senior residents, as well as to modifications in our funding, leadership, and partnerships. By looking beyond day-to-day operations, we remain receptive as we anticipate and manage these changes that will have impact on persons 65+ in our community.

Our goal is to build within the community of Wellington, a better place for people to grow old and remain in their homes.


To maintain a robust core of volunteers of all ages committed to providing short-term services to persons 65+in our community who need temporary assistance that will allow them to remain in their homes.

The Community of Wellington

  • Village of Wellington is approximately 20,000 acres in western Palm Beach County composed of mostly single family homes with a population of 60,000 residents. Projections show that approximately 16,000 residents will be over 65 by 2015.
  • Few available senior facilities in the area
  • Many do not have local family since they relocated here to retire
  • Many persons 65+ are financially unable to sell homes and afford care
  • Most baby boomers are looking for a different (aging in place) model for their retirement
  • The Village of Wellington has an active number of persons 65 and older living within the community. Presently, we provide social and educational activities and limited transportation within the Village for a nominal fee. There are other organizations that provide specific services to this population. It is the goal of Wellington Cares not to replicate but to coordinate these services to enhance quality of life for persons 65+.
  • Wellington Cares was built from the ground up, in response to what we learned about our community. We found the challenges to healthy aging in Wellington included environmental factors, health and social service gaps, transportation problems, lack of infrastructure as it relates to keeping an older adult in safely in their home.
  • Our focus is on providing soft services that can make a difference for a person in maintaining autonomy and at the same time be integrated within the community.
  • Social integration services to individuals, caregivers, and groups of seniors that have specific needs. We may not provide all the services through our NORC but will be able to refer to other organizations in our area.
  • Community engagement includes community action initiatives, and opportunities for seniors to take on new roles.

Trends in Our Community

  • Long term medical care is escalating in cost as individuals’ assets are stagnant or declining in value.
  • Most persons 65+ would prefer to age in place.
  • There are few facilities available in the area for this large population of 65+
  • Many people 65+ could stay at home if short term services were available after an accident or illness allowing them to regain their independence.
  • Local rehab facilities and hospitals have challenges trying to assist their discharged clients with some simple home assistance when there is no local support group in place.
  • Shift from Medicare to managed care – HMOs limiting home health availability.
  • Chronic care management is escalating.

Community News

      FEBRUARY 4, 2014 – “

Wellington Cares

      would like to thank

Equestrian Sport Productions

      , of course, and our Team Sponsor,


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      , and wonderful riders:

Maggie Jayne


Giavanna Rinaldi

      , and

Ailish Cunniffe

      for making …our participation in the The

FTI Consulting Great Charity Challenge

      event possible!”

Wellington Cares is proud to announce that our charity came in 11th out of 35 and won $30,000. Click here to view complete results.

The generous donations we received will go toward helping the senior citizens in Wellington, Florida age in place with help from Wellington Cares and its network of wonderful volunteers!

FEBRUARY 1, 2014 – Wellington Cares was featured in the February issue of, The Golden Banner, the monthly newsletter for the Wellington Seniors Club in Wellington, Florida.

Your Health and Welfare… Wellington Cares

Wellington Cares Inc., a 501(c)(3) was established in 2010 as a non-profit NORC (Naturally Occur-ring Retirement Community), due to a growing need to assist our 65+ residents.

These days, well after retirement, seniors are choosing to remain in their homes and neighbor-hoods. Wellington Cares provides a means of empowering persons 65 years of age and older to be in control of their own lives by offering them short term services to help them maintain their independence. Volunteers, of all ages, donate their time because they care and want to give back to the community they love.

Their services are provided free of charge to participants. No money is ever paid to the volunteers.

Wellington Cares offers the following services:                                                             

      • Pick up and delivery of dry cleaning, prescriptions and groceries.
      • Provide in home services such as laundry, meals or light cleaning.
      • Socialize by visitation in the home or with phone calls.
      • Write letters, pay bills, make phone calls to schedule appointments.
      • Help seniors coordinate services available to them in the community.
      • Drive to doctors, therapy or places of worship.
      • Light home repairs.
      • Provide patient advocacy.
      • Assist seniors in hurricane emergency preparation.

If you, a loved one or a neighbor is in need of help, reach out today. Call (561) 568-8818.